Update On My Protective style

I have now had my Sew-in for about two weeks I still like the hair, it still has minimal shedding, and easy to manage. But I have found somethings I practically do not like, for example the hair tends to become frizzy as the day goes on. This morning I straightened it with the flat irons to see if it would help with the fizziness. This helped to a certain extent but I still noticed the frizziness as it got later in the day. To maintain it from becoming frizzy I have to continuously brush it throughout the day which is something else I do not like, for an overall low maintenance protective style it tends to be very high maintenance throughout the day. It could be the Mobile weather because is dose tend to get very humid down here but I am not really sure. Other than straight and wavy I have not tried any other hair styles so I only know how the hair reacts throughout the day to these two styles. One day this week I will probably try to curl it to see if it still will help the frizz. But overall, I am still satisfied with the hair and would probably order it again.


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