Protective Style Continued

This week I still have my protective style in, so far, I still like the hair but have found a few things that I do not like overall. Because I live so far south and on the Gulf Coast humidity tends to be insane so, then hair tends to frizz more than I like it to. Even if I straighten it ten minutes before I leave throughout the day the hair get slightly frizzy. The only style on the hair that controls the frizz is when I curl the hair, I would love to curl the hair every morning or at night but fact of the matter is curling hair is very time consuming and with me being in school and working that is time I just do not have. The hair also tends to get oily rather fast as well, I am not sure if this is another location issue or an issue on how active I am throughout the day. But, I have recently washed it and it is back to normal. I got all of the oil out by making sure I shampooed really good in the places that looked oily which was around my closure. I also let conditioner sit in the hair for about five minutes then rinsed with lukewarm water to get the hair back to its original state. Minus these two quirks I still like the hair very much and will continue to wear it for another week



SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the practice of tweaking your website to help its content rank well in organic results. When creating my website, I will be sure to include SEO because it will be a great advantage not only to me but to my users as well. The first way I plan to use SEO will be in responsive design, responsive design means making sure the website it is compatible with different devices such as phones and tablets. It also means making sure your website is easy to interact with, according to 5 SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master you want your users to be able to interact, share, and link the website. The second SEO strategy I will use is quality links, I will make sure I have created content that people find interesting and want to read. I will use social media almost as a pilot test to network with family and friends to get feedback on the website.  The third and final strategy I will use is google authorship, google authorship is a way to link content you create with a Google+ profile. This will help influence page rand and also help authors claim their authorship. Overall, I think these are the three most important tips every company needs to know in order for their website to be successful

Domain Names

For my domain name, I want something professional and represents me well, at first I when creating my website I tried my name Amari Armour but it was already taken. Then I tried my middle name and Armour and that was taken as well so I know I had to get creative after trying various sorts of initials and acronyms I finally found the domain amarimarmour. In the future, I think I will buy a domain for both business and personal use just because I think the domains appear more professional and for future business ventures and potential clients I want to appear professional as possible. I will also buy my domain for branding purposes as well, I want to eventually own my own company and I would for my brand and website to have the same name so the company will be uniform. As far as hosting goes, for the best quality website I will pay for hosting because like I stated above I want my website to be professional as possible. Not saying that free hosting is bad quality because there are some nice one out there but they are not really what I am looking for.

Update On My Protective style

I have now had my Sew-in for about two weeks I still like the hair, it still has minimal shedding, and easy to manage. But I have found somethings I practically do not like, for example the hair tends to become frizzy as the day goes on. This morning I straightened it with the flat irons to see if it would help with the fizziness. This helped to a certain extent but I still noticed the frizziness as it got later in the day. To maintain it from becoming frizzy I have to continuously brush it throughout the day which is something else I do not like, for an overall low maintenance protective style it tends to be very high maintenance throughout the day. It could be the Mobile weather because is dose tend to get very humid down here but I am not really sure. Other than straight and wavy I have not tried any other hair styles so I only know how the hair reacts throughout the day to these two styles. One day this week I will probably try to curl it to see if it still will help the frizz. But overall, I am still satisfied with the hair and would probably order it again.

Security and Privacy

In this day and time the internet plays a huge role in everyone’s life, whether it is for the purpose of work, education, or recreational use the internet is somehow involved.  Along with the internet and the technological age come issues like security and privacy. Most of us would like to think that our personal information is safe on the internet, but very often now days’ news reports of major companies being hacked prove otherwise. According to the article “Three Essential Steps to Make Yourself More Hack Proof” there is no hiding from being hacked, everyone at least once in their life will experience some form of hacking. As a future communication professional I think that hacking will only progress as more and more people become tech savvy, as of right now people are familiar technology but do not know what makes the website run and do not know about things like codes and CSS, I think that knowledge will surface over time.

Website Design

Designing a website can be tough at times especially if you are starting from scratch, but there are many different companies and individuals out there who are willing to help.  On the website, they give a list of twenty-two online resources that help with designing websites from scratch. On this site one particular resource caught my attention, Treehouse is a video based learning service offering training in HTML, CSS, web development, and creating iOS apps. Treehouse also has a game element to the site to make learning for interesting and fun. Treehouse seemed most useful to me because it is not just another boring video trying to teach you something, it actually gets the viewer involved and creates hands on learning.

As far as Ca 260 being taught entirely online I think my opinions of this course would change drastically. I have taken online courses before and some of them were a struggle for me and other were a cake walk. If the entire class was online I think I would enjoy the class less for the simple fact that some of the things we learn in class are sometimes hard to grasp so online I know I would struggle with comprehending some of the concepts. I think some teachers think that they are getting more out of the student because online classes typically have longer time frame to do the work but, in actuality they are getting less out of the student. Most students forget about their work or wait till the last minute to do their work so it is rarely the students best work.

Another Protective Style

Last week I told you all that after taking down my braid I was letting my hair breath before getting another protective hair style. So, after treating my hair and letting it breath for a little bit I have gotten another protective hair style. This time I have gotten a sew-in, for those of you who do not know what sew-ins are, they are hair extensions that are sewn down to the hair which is braided underneath. I have sew-in with a closure which means I have no hair out or leave out, a closure is hair extensions sewn to a lace or silk net used for a part. I ordered my from the website aliexpress and the vendor MS Here Hair, before ordering my hair I did a lot of research on the best hair to order because I do not order weave that often. I found a lot of good reviews on MS Here hair saying that it was good hair, does not shed, and its reusable. Which are all the things I look for in when I purchase weave due to the fact that I do spend a good amount of money on the hair. For this unit, I spent a total of $141.00 for four 22-inch bundles and an 18-inch closure which in my opinion is not bad for good quality hair. So far, I like the hair it is very soft, shedding is minimal, and does not require much maintenance. I am not really sure about how long I will be keeping this hair in but I am excited to see how it holds up over the course of time.Snapchat-1171391171