Protective Style Continued

This week I still have my protective style in, so far, I still like the hair but have found a few things that I do not like overall. Because I live so far south and on the Gulf Coast humidity tends to be insane so, then hair tends to frizz more than I like it to. Even if I straighten it ten minutes before I leave throughout the day the hair get slightly frizzy. The only style on the hair that controls the frizz is when I curl the hair, I would love to curl the hair every morning or at night but fact of the matter is curling hair is very time consuming and with me being in school and working that is time I just do not have. The hair also tends to get oily rather fast as well, I am not sure if this is another location issue or an issue on how active I am throughout the day. But, I have recently washed it and it is back to normal. I got all of the oil out by making sure I shampooed really good in the places that looked oily which was around my closure. I also let conditioner sit in the hair for about five minutes then rinsed with lukewarm water to get the hair back to its original state. Minus these two quirks I still like the hair very much and will continue to wear it for another week


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