Website Design

Designing a website can be tough at times especially if you are starting from scratch, but there are many different companies and individuals out there who are willing to help.  On the website, they give a list of twenty-two online resources that help with designing websites from scratch. On this site one particular resource caught my attention, Treehouse is a video based learning service offering training in HTML, CSS, web development, and creating iOS apps. Treehouse also has a game element to the site to make learning for interesting and fun. Treehouse seemed most useful to me because it is not just another boring video trying to teach you something, it actually gets the viewer involved and creates hands on learning.

As far as Ca 260 being taught entirely online I think my opinions of this course would change drastically. I have taken online courses before and some of them were a struggle for me and other were a cake walk. If the entire class was online I think I would enjoy the class less for the simple fact that some of the things we learn in class are sometimes hard to grasp so online I know I would struggle with comprehending some of the concepts. I think some teachers think that they are getting more out of the student because online classes typically have longer time frame to do the work but, in actuality they are getting less out of the student. Most students forget about their work or wait till the last minute to do their work so it is rarely the students best work.


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