Post Protective Style

This past week the university was recently out for spring break, over the break I decided to take down my braids. My braids were up for about a month or so before taking them down, I decided to take them down because my started to frizz through the braid and my hair overall needed to be washed. After I took them down I had a lot of build up and dandruff so, actually before washing my hair I applied Cantu’s moisturizing conditioner just to get rid of some of the build up and dandruff. I work or finger comb the conditioner through my hair for about 10 minutes before washing it out. After rinsing all of the conditioner out I proceed with my regular was and condition routine. Some people like to deep condition or do hot oil treatments after taking down a protective style but I prefer to wait at least a week after a take down or until the next wash day just because I do not want to use too many products or over process my hair. After going through my whole wash routine I let my hair air dry next, after making sure it is completely dry I moisturize my scalp with Do Gro’s Mega Thick Growing Lotion because it tends to be the only thing that really rejuvenates my scalp after having a protective style in it for a while. Then, I finally two strand twist my hair and sleep with them in overnight and it looks just like it normally does when I twist it wet it just does not last as long. Now that I have let my hair rest for about two weeks next week I will be getting a sew in and I will be talking about that.
See you next week!


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