If I had to recommend one content management system I would recommend WordPress. When choosing a CMS to use you want to make sure the system is easy to use, works on all types of sites, and consistently updates. The first reason I would choose WordPress is because I am familiar with it, I have used this system myself to set up my personal blog so, I am familiar with how it operates and could easily help someone else navigate through the system. The second reason is it I easy to use, according to Tiwari’s article 3 Open Source Content Management Systems Compared “Most people think that WordPress is the most easy to use of these three CMS tools. Rightly so.” Compared to Drupal and Joomla the interface is minimal and uses language easy to understand and if good for users with no technical background. Overall WordPress has everything you could look for in a CMS, in Tiwari’s article he consistently compares Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress in every aspect that a user would want them compared and WordPress has the upper hand every time. Although the other two systems do not fall far behind, they just do not compare to the simplicity, ease, multiple accessories that WordPress has.


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