Another Protective Style

Last week I told you all that after taking down my braid I was letting my hair breath before getting another protective hair style. So, after treating my hair and letting it breath for a little bit I have gotten another protective hair style. This time I have gotten a sew-in, for those of you who do not know what sew-ins are, they are hair extensions that are sewn down to the hair which is braided underneath. I have sew-in with a closure which means I have no hair out or leave out, a closure is hair extensions sewn to a lace or silk net used for a part. I ordered my from the website aliexpress and the vendor MS Here Hair, before ordering my hair I did a lot of research on the best hair to order because I do not order weave that often. I found a lot of good reviews on MS Here hair saying that it was good hair, does not shed, and its reusable. Which are all the things I look for in when I purchase weave due to the fact that I do spend a good amount of money on the hair. For this unit, I spent a total of $141.00 for four 22-inch bundles and an 18-inch closure which in my opinion is not bad for good quality hair. So far, I like the hair it is very soft, shedding is minimal, and does not require much maintenance. I am not really sure about how long I will be keeping this hair in but I am excited to see how it holds up over the course of time.Snapchat-1171391171


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