Email Filtering

Email is something that most people in the world use day to day whether they run a business, it’s for a job, or just to talk to someone. Usually when I am writing an email I am writing it to one of my teachers so I want to be professional as possible. By professional I mean using the correct language, making sure I send and reply during work hours, titling the email as well as writing clearly so the receiver is able to understand. According to How to Write Clear and Professional Emails clear emails always have a clear purpose, if the email does not have a clear purpose then it is unnecessary. I know in the mist of my professional emails I tend to get subscriptions or junk mail that can quickly fill up my inbox. So I have recently tried using filters on Gmail, and it really helps organize my emails.  I can filter out some miscellaneous subscriptions by using the unsubscribe filter and also archive messages while keeping them unread. Overall filtering emails can be very beneficial when trying to keep your email for professional purposes only. As I continue to grow throughout my career I will continue to use filter to help me keep thing professional.


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