Facial Products

So this week I still have in braids and I probably will have for the next two weeks. Lately I have been doing my normal face routine but have added and extra step in, after I rinse off my face wash in the shower I towel dry my face .  I have started applying Clean and Clear Shower Mask.  This product is a really good exfoliate for my face and helps out some with the shininess and oil that tend to build up throughout the day. I am still looking for a moisturizer that will help with the sine as well. But I still continue to use the moisturize that fits what my face is going through. For example if I notice that I am beginning to break out I will use my Clean and Clear moisturizer because that typically helps clear my face up. If everything seems to be fine I use my Olay moisturizing cream. Next week I plan on trying a regular face mask just to see if I can clear up some of my stress blemishes that I have this week. I would do it this week but I know they will come right back with my mid-terms happening this week. See y’all next week!


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