Accessibility and Design

According to Tips to Make Your Website Accessible many companies rely on their website to communicate with their customers and potential customers.  When creating a website, you want to make sure you make it accessible to everyone. Meaning you want to assure your viewers who have physical disabilities and mental or learning disabilities are able to use your website as well. The video Tips to Make Your Website Accessible gives us five tip we can use to make our websites more accessible. The first tip they give us is “check that your website works correctly without images” not all of your users will see the website how you see it. Some users might have to use screen magnifiers or screen readers and will not see the images. The second tip is “simplify navigation and consider keyboard only users” many users who are motor or visual impaired will use need to use the keyboard so you want the website to be navigational with minimal effort. The third tip is “include captions for video content” for those who have hearing impairments will not be able to hear the video so you will need to include captions for them to read. Tip number four is “audio should not be played automatically on to entry page” this feature is most likely to agitate most users and will distract the screen readers. Finally, the fifth tip is “use suitable language and content for your audience,” you want to make sure all of your viewers are able to understand your message. You do not want to use complex sentences and hard to understand due to the fact that some consider their first language to be sign language.


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