Curl Rejuvenation

20170217_235117This week I have been super busy with school so I know my post is late but, lately my wash routine has been the same. I have been using the same product and have been pretty happy with the results thus far. I am still using olive oil pre-shampoo to oil my scalp and pairing coconut oil with my conditioner to dangle and moisturize my hair. But, I have been looking for something to re-moisturize my curls, after a couple of days my curls tend not to be as defined as I would like them to be.  So, while researching some products I found Ors curls unleashed curl defining creme, I normally use this product three days after wash day. First, I part my into four sections then comb through each section thoroughly, after combing I part my hair into smaller sections and apply the Ors curls unleashed curl defining creme. After applying I part my hair into even smaller sections and begin to two strand twist my hair. I normally sleep with my hair like this over night with a satin bonnet on.  This rejuvenated my curls for a couple of days but it did not give me the results I expected, after applying I expected my hair to be softer but it was the opposite. My hair wasn’t crunchy but it was harder than what I prefer, I probably will not use this product regularly due to the fact that it gave it a crunch feel and my curls did not last as long as I wanted them to.


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