260 Website Customization

When customizing a website, you want it to be as easy as possible for viewers navigate. It should be easy to follow almost like a restaurant menu according to Venturi Web. Which makes sense, you don’t want your viewers to overwhelmed by the content. You also don’t want too much content on one page, when you have to much content you could possibly miss business opportunities. Instead of having a list of services on the home page have a separate page for services and break each service down into different tabs. For example, let’s say I have an event planning business on my homepage I would give information about the business, like how it started, who started it, and why it was started. Then on a separate page services and a brief overview of what we offer. Under the service tab there will be a list of each service we offer and as the viewer clicks on each tab they will be able to read in depth about each service. You also want to consider your target audience when customizing a website. According to Venturi Web having a solid understanding of your target audience and what their needs are, can help you decide what type of content to include on your website. You want content that is relevant to your topic and to you viewers, if your content is not relevant viewers might get lost or find no use for the website. Which could also result in loss of business.


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