New Products

20170207_235016This week on my natural hair Journey I tried two new products, Olive oil and Coconut oil. I have been doing a lot of research lately for products that help with moisture and dandruff for dry hair. I have had a dry scalp since I was a kid even when I was getting my hair permed regularly. I would often have to wash my hair weekly because I could not make it Bi weekly due to the fact that my dandruff would be so bad. Since I have been natural it has not been that bad but it is coming back more often than I would like. So, during my research for what helps dandruff Olive oil kept coming up, Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that helps reduce the appearance of dandruff over time. I found that most people got the best results when they oiled their scalp pre-shampoo so I oiled my scalp the night before I washed my hair, put my hair in medium two strand twist, put a silk bonnet on before I went to sleep and let it sit overnight. The next day when it was time to wash it out I first started by rinsing my hair thoroughly, then proceeding with my wash routine, after my wash routine I parted my hair into four sections and applied Coconut oil. Coconut oil helps the hair to retain its natural moisture it also softens and detangles the hair as well. After applying the Coconut oil I proceed to put Cantu’s Leave In Conditioner on each section then, parting my hair into smaller sections applying Cantu’s Curl Activator Moisturizer then two strand twisting each section. Finally, after two strand twisting my entire head, I put on a silk bonnet and sleep with my hair like this overnight. I was really pleased with my results my hair was very soft, moisturized, not as much dandruff came back, and I dint have to wash as soon as I did last time.


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