Weebly Web Design

Weebly makes web design easy because of the features it uses like drag and drop. The drag and drop feature makes designing the website easier due to the fact that all you have to do is find the feature you want in the sidebar and drag it to where you would like if on the page. Another feature that helps with we design is the compatibility with mobile devices. This feature helps with designing on the go, so if you need to make a quick design change you can do it on your phone or tablet. You can also update your information or make a new post on the go as well, which handy when you are constantly on the move and don’t carry a laptop with you all of the time. After learning about Weebly and all of its features, I set up my account and decided on a domain name. The domain name I chose was amarimarmour.weebly.com, I used my name because I felt it would be more appropriate for the cites purpose which is to build up my web design skills.  As far as themes, I chose the Bayside Inn because I felt it most accurately described me as a person and fit my personality. Do I see myself changing it in the future, no, not anytime soon I am pretty content with this layout and what it has to offer. After picking a layout I proceeded to set up my website, picking a title, setting feature images, and adding new tabs.


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