Natural Hair Journey

20170207_235628In August of 2016 I made the brave decision to start my natural hair journey and do the big chop. For those of you who do not know what the big chop is, it is when someone cuts their relaxed or heat damaged ends of their hair. When I first cut my hair, I started wearing protective hair styles such as braids, sew-ins, crochet, and even from time to time getting a blowout. I wore these styles due to the fact that I was uncomfortable with how short my hair was, it had never been that short before so I waited until I was happy with the length to finally wear my natural hair. So, recently I have felt comfortable enough to finally wear my natural, before I never really had to use natural product considering my hair was always braided up. But, recently I have started using natural product and trying to find what really works for my hair, considering I have 4c hair sometimes it can be a little hard. Lately I have been using the same shampoo I was before (which is for natural hair anyway) but, as far as conditioner and styling products I have been using Cantu. Normally after I wash my hair I part into four sections apply Cantu’s Leave In Conditioner to each section and comb it through, after applying conditioner I apply Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream part my hair into small sections and two strand twist each section. This normally makes my hair manageable and easy to care for, for the rest of the week. Each week I will be trying a new product for my hair discussing whether I liked it, how it benefited my hair and if I will keep using it.

I hope you all enjoy!



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