Beginning to Blog.

Along with my natural hair blog, I will also be doing a weekly class blog as well. This week in Module 2 it discussed the how to write a good blog post. To start a good, blog your topic must be interesting not only to you but to others as well, if your topic does not interest you how do you expect someone else to read it? Along with an interesting topic you also want to research what you are writing about, according to “How To Write A Good Blog Post” you want to use sources like Wiki How or even to the local library to gain knowledge about your topic the video also suggest using your own knowledge sometimes. The next step is creating an outline, creating an outline helps organize your thoughts. It makes sure you have all the topics you want to discuss as well as making sure your writing is accurate. After these two steps, you are pretty much ready to write your bong post.

These steps and tips will be very helpful to me, because as a PR major our job is to help companies communicate with large audiences in an effective way. This may include writing press releases, media kits, and also blogging. So, following these steps will help me become more prepared for the future with whatever job title I may hold in the Strategic Communication field. Although my work will not be perfect, I know the only way to prepare for the future is through experience.


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